Save For The Future

Whether you would like to save for a rainy day, your retirement or the fulfilment of a dream, we can help you achieve your goals. Give us a call to chat about retirement & pension planning, education planning or savings and investment options.


Protect Your Family

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln

If you would like to create a stable and comfortable financial future for yourself and those you love, get in touch to chat about options for life assurance, illness cover and/or income protection.


Increase Your Wealth

Whatever your income, there are small changes you could make to your cash flow and lifestyle that will deliver long term benefits. Give us a call if you’d like to chat about how you can grow your income or capital.


Leave A Legacy

Live. Laugh. Leave a legacy.

Make the most of what you have to give by chatting to us about inheritance tax planning, or succession planning.

Create A Comfortable Retirement

What is your retirement dream? After years of work, would you like to fill your twilight days with things you ‘choose’ to do instead of ‘have’ to do?  Whatever your dreams, we can help you achieve them through retirement & pension planning.


Divorce / Separate With Financial Integrity

Divorce or separation is an emotional storm. DFS can help guide you through the financial consequences by negotiating an equitable financial settlement and avoiding costly mistakes that may have repercussions for years to come.  We can help guide you through the process, paying particular attention to maintenance, inheritance and pension adjustments.


In addition, Donegan Financial Services partners with trusted and progressive professionals for ancillary services such as:

• TAX planning

• Mortgage advice

• Will writing


Retirement and Pension Planning

Focus on the retirement you want, not the pension you need.


For most people, pensions have two major problems:

1. They’re boring

2. They’re complex


They’re boring because they are usually about the distant future, so it’s difficult to get excited about a date a few decades from now!


They’re complex because the government and regulator can’t seem to find a way to simplify the whole process, so we have far too many pensions types, charges, choices and tax benefits.


We show you what the difference will be in your lifestyle, if you start saving now (as opposed to later) and our job is to guide you through all the jargon and explain the best pension structure, investment strategy and retirement plan for you.


So come talk to us about the retirement you want, not the pension you need.




Education Planning

If you’d like to give your kids the option of a private education or start a savings pot to cover their living costs during their university or college days, call us to chat about education planning.



Savings & Investments

As most of us have seen over the last few years, investing is anything but straightforward.


Interest rates are at historic lows and most investments hold some degree of risk. But it is our job to guide you in making the best choice for your unique situation and goals.


At Donegan Financial Services, we pay particular attention to these key factors:

• What do you need the money for?

• How long can you afford to set your money aside?

• What’s more important: getting good growth or avoiding risk?

• Do you need an income from your investment?

• What are the tax implications of one investment over another?


Our expertise is in making sure all of these questions are asked and answered in a way that makes you comfortable. Our proposals are clear and the rationale for all our investment recommendations are provided on paper for your records.


Give us a call to chat about investing in your future.

Life Assurance

If you’d like to make sure that you’re providing for your loved ones, then talk to us about a Family Protection Review. Whether you are a company director, self employed or an employee, we’ll show you exactly what your family will need, and how best to put it in place.


Because we’re an independent advisor, we’re not tied to a single provider like the banks. This means we can tailor the most appropriate policy for your specific needs, and ensure you are getting the best value on the market.

Serious / Critical Illness Cover

Consider what life would be like for you or your family if you were unable to work as a result of a serious illness or worse still, if you were no longer around.


Serious Illness Cover pays a cash lump sum when you die or if you are diagnosed as suffering a specified serious illness within a term chosen by you.


Give us a call to chat about your options.

Income Protection

Sudden and prolonged illness can have huge implications on a family’s emotional, physical and financial state but with a little planning we can take the financial pressure out of the equation.


Donegan Financial Services can help you set up an income protection policy, which is a simple, tax efficient & inexpensive plan that provides you with an alternate source of income if you suffer a loss of earnings due to illness.

Grow Your Income / Capital

If you have an income, savings or inheritance that you’d like to see grow through investment, then get in touch.


We construct portfolios based on your appetite for risk and establish whether you require income, capital growth or a combination of both.  Your portfolio will be reviewed on a regular basis to make sure it is performing to expectation and we keep you informed, every step of the way.

Inheritance Tax & Planning

Inheritance Tax is at record highs but there are ways you can protect your family from any nasty ‘surprises’.

In partnership with top tax advisory firms, we will work with you to build an Estate Plan that reflects your circumstances (whether married, divorced or separated) and ensures that those you care for will receive as much as possible.

Succession Planning

Donegan Financial Services can also help self-employed and company owners protect their family and staff by preparing a ‘Succession Plan’ in the event of death.

This includes putting a value on the business, so it can either be sold or inherited, and making sure that there is sufficient insurance in place so the company can survive without you.


In particular, we can help provide cash flow analysis to help you consider the implications of any maintenance settlement and how it could affect your lifestyle.

Pension Adjustment Orders

Pension funds can be one of the largest assets to be divided between a separating/divorcing couple so it is imperative to be well informed of your rights and obligations.


We can help steer you through the process, paying particular attention to any Pension Adjustment Order (PAO) considerations made by the Courts.


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